The Experts in vehicle importation

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We are Spain Made Easy, a team of professionals dedicated to the importation of vehicles.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the import sector of all types of vehicles, including vehicles, motorcycles and motorhomes.

We accompany you throughout the process of importing and registering your vehicle.

The Experts in car importation

Do you need to import your vehicle to Spain?

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  • We are aware that importing a vehicle can be a complicated process if you don’t know where to start. That’s why our mission is to make it easy for you. With our extensive experience importing vehicles you don’t need to worry about anything.

  • We specialize in importing vehicles to Spain from any country in the European Union. If your vehicle is located in any country in the European area, its import is not a problem for us.

  • We offer an efficient service so that importing your vehicle is a quiet experience for you.

  • If the vehicle you want to bring to Spain is in the United States, Middle East or elsewhere, we also offer an Worldwide vehicle import service. We cover all the necessary steps for you to import your vehicle in the simplest way possible.

We are located in Benissa,
Alicante, but we import vehicles
throughout Spain

We Organise everything to register your vehicle

We Organise everything to register your vehicle

The registration of your vehicle in Spanish territory is the next step when importing into the country.

Within our comprehensive import service we also include the entire vehicle registration process.

We will change the registration of your foreign vehicle and calculate the registration tax of your vehicle so you know exactly how much it costs to register it.


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It is very important to comply with all the documentation required during the vehicle import process.

We will obtain and collect all the mandatory documentation for your vehicle.

Inspections at MOT/ITV stations

Inspections at
MOT/ITV stations

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Your imported vehicle will need a review at an ITV station,
we will handle the process.

We will check in detail that your vehicle is suitable for circulation on Spanish roads.


why choose us

Spain made easy has organised the Importation and Registration of more than 800 vehicles in Spain.

Experience you can trust!